Peer review process

The editor will screen all manuscripts submitted for publication in OJIBS. In some cases, a manuscript may be returned without review if it is judged to be inappropriate for publication in OJIBS. Manuscripts judged to be consistent with the mission and standards of OJIBS will be submitted for double- blind review to at least two referees based on content. First referee is always an Editorial Board member and second referee is a Professor from outside of the State. Referees can expect to review the papers approximately in 30 days and moderated by the editor within in a week.

Manuscripts will be evaluated by referees on the following criteria (criteria will be selectively applied, based on the nature and type of the manuscript):

  • Originality and importance of core ideas
  • Quality of treatment of the relevant existing literature
  • Quality of the presentation of ideas
  • Design and execution of research methodology (if appropriate)
  • Overall contribution of the article to the advancement of management education.

Authors are encouraged to solicit feedback from colleagues and practitioners on early drafts. A manuscript can be improved dramatically when knowledgeable reviewers areasked for reactions in advance of submission. Manuscripts are considered with the understanding that their contents have not been published and are not under consideration elsewhere. Presentation of a paper at a professional meeting does not disqualify it from consideration.

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